pkmnGoes.com is your website to connect to other Pokémon Go trainers and players. You can easily find other users nearby to discuss great pokéstops and locations in your area. Furthermore you can organize meet-ups, coordinate actions to takeover gyms or just find others to catch Pokémons together.

As we already learned, the game is way more social as we thought in the beginning and this website helps you to add another layer and to stay connected to trainers you met.

All registered users are being displayed on a map. So you can easily browse your location and check for Pokémon Go trainers nearby you. BUT: To keep your privacy the system will show your location based on the ZIP code so nobody will get your real address, unless you want him to.

So we have got a player directory including the map, you can discuss, chat and communicate with other Pokémon Go trainers. You can follow any user and never miss any updates or cool locations someone posts. To make it easy to find trainers, you can easily use filters to search in a particular area or even look for players of a team, e.g. “Team Yellow”.

The site is online for a couple of weeks now and the latest features have just started a couple of days ago. So please, whenever there is anything you want us to improve, just let us know about! We want to make this site a useful tool for all of you and we will continously improve it.

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