Pokémon Go Worldwide Trainer Map

We are providing a map which shows the locations of all members on this website. Whenever you want to connect with someone nearby you to go out hunting Pokémons together, you’ll hopefully find someone using our global Pokémon Go trainer map. Different from what many people think, Pokémon Go is a very social game. You can easily get this confirmed by trainers – there are so many players outside and at a Pokéstop you will start talking to each other. Why not connecting with those trainers for future walks or to discuss the hottest Pokéstops in town?

So here is how it’s supposed to work:

How does the Pokémon Go trainer map work?

Screenshot of Pokémon Go trainer/player map
Screenshot showing our global trainer/player search for Pokémon Go. (Map(c) by Google Maps)

To build a global Pokémon Go trainer map, all of our members are able to provide their location. City, ZIP code and country are necessary to make your location appear on the map. We don’t need your detailed address since we don’t want it to be on the world wide web. Your ZIP-Code, City and Country are then encoded to a geo location and displayed on the map.

We recently replaced Google’s default markers by fancy Pokéball markers – have you already noticed ?

To find other trainers you can simply use the map and navigate to your home town or to the place where you’ll spend your vacation. You’ll immediately see other members’s locations. Just click on one of the markers to see some of the trainer’s details.

Make use of filters!

Navigating through the map is not the only way to find other trainers anywhere in the world. Above the map there are some filters which can be used to dynamically filter the list of members which is displayed below the map. You can filter by Country, City, Zip-Code but also by team. So if you only wanted to see Members of Team Valor one the trainer map, you simply choose it from the list of teams and hit the search button – done!

Maybe we add further filter criteria but only if we think it’s useful. So far we think those filters are fine. BUT if you think you do need another filter, just let us know and we will start discussing it. As we often emphasize: We want to create the most useful trainer directory for YOU and that’s why we are open to your proposals.

Spread the word!

Providing a global Pokémon Go trainer map is easy. Getting many members is not. Therefore please tell everyone about this website. The more users we get the more useful it gets for all of us. You can easily share this post on your favourite social network, link to it on discussion boards or from your website. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

Finally if you’re new to this site, just REGISTER and get yourself onto the map!

Author: pkmngoes

Playing Pokémon Go right from the start I'm very curious how the game will evolve. Nevertheless I wanted to be able to connect with other players. It's so much more fun...