You’re here so you know what this page is about: Pokémon GO!

When the game has been rolled out we thought it was helpful to have a platform where you can connect to other Pokémon Go – trainers. So this site will help you to find other players in your area in order to discuss, meet or to promote local Pokémon Go events.

One of this site’s main features is to bring players together and to enable you guys to find players in your area. Therefore you should provide a ZIP code or a city when registering. Besides you’ve got to choose upon a Pokémon team when you register. You will not be able to change the team later – same rule as within the Pokémon Go app.

There are a couple of features that will follow within the next couple of weeks or months. We will announce and present them in our blog as soon as they are ready. The site was just started and it’s only a kind of hobby – we’re all doing this in our rare spare time. So if you have any hint or if you are missing anything on this site, just let us know. We’re pretty open to your proposals since we want pkmngoes.com to be a helpful tool for all of you.

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